My Siargao Experience…


Who says that Siargao is only for Surfers?

Forget about it! For those non surfers, have fun and marvel the enigmatic beauty of Siargao. You can still enjoy and play with the waves, book a beginner’s lesson for surfing. It is known as “The Surfing Capital of the Philippines”. Foreigners all over the world, love to stay here and living a good life for its beautiful scenery and huge waves. Continue reading “My Siargao Experience…”

Things to love in Cuatro Islas Leyte, Philippines

Where is Cuatro Islas?

To those who didn’t know about this lovely set of islands, it is located in Leyte, Philippines in Eastern Visayas region. The island belongs to the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang. The four islands are Apid, Digyo, Mahaba and Himokilan.

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Exploring the Countryside of Bohol, Philippines!

It’s time to explore the incredible island of Bohol!

Bohol, is a province in the Philippines located in Central Visayas region. One of the popular tourist destination in the country with its pristine white beaches and lavish resorts. The island is famous for its Chocolate Hills- there are at least 1,260 of cone shaped hills, its color turns into brown that tasted like a chocolate! Well, just kidding!

How to get there?

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Boracay Island: The World’s Best Island and Every Traveler’s Dream Destination!

Need to take a break? Far away from the rushing city, from the painful reality of yours?

Dearest, you need a hell lots of break! It’s time to clear your mind and take a deep breath. Take your heart and feet to a beautiful place that can weigh down your worries.

Where to mend your aching soul?

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