Where is Cuatro Islas?

To those who didn’t know about this lovely set of islands, it is located in Leyte, Philippines in Eastern Visayas region. The island belongs to the municipalities of Inopacan and Hindang. The four islands are Apid, Digyo, Mahaba and Himokilan.


Among the four islands, Digyo Island and Mahaba Island were the best, it is still uninhabited. To my dismay, the other islands composed Cuatro Islas were already damaged, occupied and destroyed by humans. Sad truth!

However, there’s still hopes for Digyo and Mahaba Island. You’ll definitely love its unscathed beauty.

  • Mahaba Island – what I loved on this island was the long shore. I had my moments on it, imagining that I have someone holding my hand while walking the stretchy shore. Charot! 😀
  • Digyo Island – the sand and water is the best! You shouldn’t  just watch the water, you have to toss yourself and play with the waving ocean. Pretty island just like me! 😛

Never miss to dip yourself in the water. Its truly crystal clear and not that salty!

We only had a day trip and it was fun and enjoyable. Grab your barkada and have a weekend getaway in this lovely island. If you’re from Cebu, booked a ferry ticket ahead. You can just stay one day and get home the next day. It is doable. Laagan gud ta!


Spend your weekends, enjoy rest days and have fun! Til next laag…


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