Have fun, get lost, don’t mind the scorching heat! Start packing up your bags and let the adventure begin!

Are you a travel geek? Then, let’s go ahead and explore the hidden charm of Northern Mindanao.


Camiguin Island, this lovely island is situated in the Bohol Sea and northern coast of Mindanao. According to history, the island was formed through a volcanic eruption, thus, created a scenic spots. One of the famous volcano is the Mt. Hibok-hibok.  Camiguin has two islets; White Island and Mantigue Island.



We grabbed the promo ticket last September offered by Cebu Pacific. The airfare cost around 1,200 Php. It was my first airplane ride and the experience was simply amazing. We stayed in Paguia Cottages which offers an affordable tour packages for a group of people. For further details, email at roel.paguia@gmail.com.

Camiguin is truly one of the best island in the Philippines. One must explore and take time to wander its beauty.

So here are the top tourist attraction to visit:

  • Sunken Cemetery
  • White Island
  • Scenic View of Camiguin Island
  • Mantigue Island
  • Katibawasan Falls
  • Tuasan Falls


  • Old Spanish Church Ruins
  • Sto Nino Cold Spring

2017 - 4

  • Walkway to the Old Volcano and Stations of the Cross
  • Soda Spring
  • Ardent Spring
  • Giant Clam Sanctuary

There were lots of tourist spots to visit in Camiguin. Unfortunately, we’re not able to visit some of them. The island is beyond beautiful, too many adjectives to describe though. In my opinion, this is the cleanest and organized municipality that I have visited so far.


I definitely enjoyed my first airplane ride and my Northern Mindanao adventure. Put this island on your travel list and enjoy the magnificent beauty of Camiguin Island!

Here’s our Camiguin trip expenses:

Tour Package with Hotel Accomodation (5pax): 6,100
Sunken Cemetery: 100 for boat, 25 walkway entrance
Sto Nino Spring: 150 entrance
Soda Spring: 150 entrace
Katigbawasan falls: 150 entrance
Arden Spring: 150 entrance
Mantigue Island: 500 tour
Van : 500 airport and to Mantigue fare

Hotel Accommodation

* Paguia Cottages
* Cabua-An Beach Resort




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