I, myself is not good at all to overcome this emotion. The reason why I write about this, is to address why most of us women complicate some simple things. In equality, men experienced this share of emotions too, yet, they’re so good at keeping it with themselves.

So, women shows variety of moods, we’ve actually shared a fair of crazy emotions that some we knew irked of the sudden reaction we had. Our mood is topsy-turvy, like a roller coaster. Also, it feels like we’re inside a blender, all emotions mixed up and crushed. Feelings of anxiety and stress drowned us, so bizarre things happened and unknowingly, we got irritated and sensitive to the people around us.

2017 - 2 (6)

Reasons we have mood swings:

  •  PMS  or (Pre-menstrual Syndrome)
  •  Stress
  • Anxiety
  • Insecurity
  • Lack of Sleep

How you can handle us?

Everyone has strange ways of coping and handling. All we need is a good listener who understand our silly behavior, plus, an open communication. We don’t express our feelings honestly, but, anyone can detect that there’s a problem.

Complicated, isn’t it? We were more complicated than you think! Random things, bunch of different scenarios running and spinning in our head, simple issues turned into complex problem, yet, we manage to smile and stand up.  This mood swings phenomenal are toxic to our minds and affects the people around us.

I salute those people who love, care and understand us even we’ve shown the worst part. To all girls, thanks for fighting this battle. We are not alone after all…


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