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I am sad.

I am angry.

I am lonely.

I am confused.

I am neglected.

I am mediocre in everything!

This feeling was unbearable. I want to shut everything around me. I didn’t want to talk to anyone because I felt that they never truly care. Who would rather care to a drama queen, an emotional wreck like me? Nobody!

I am upset and that’s the reason why I want to deactivate all my social media accounts. I want to disconnect to all that causes me this kind of emotions. Hated everyone! I am sad ’cause I felt neglected and left behind. I am angry ’cause I was confused. I am lonely ’cause I am alone. I am depressed ’cause I was never good enough. Never good enough at everything! As much as I would like to scream this damn feeling but I can’t. I was simply dying inside.

I have so many issues in myself. So many thoughts that keeps bugging in my brain. Feelings that cannot be fathomed, like an abyss. I want to save myself from drowning but its too deep.  I never bother to tell any one, better not to. Anyway, whose gonna help?

So tell me, would you still like to listen to all of my rants???




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