Once you become fearless, Life becomes limitless… 

cdo - 11

We conquered Cagayan de Oro’s white water rafting adventure! It’s not a typical rowing of the boat like the children’s rhyme. The water’s rough, current’s strong, huge waves and danger rapids, you have to face them all! There’s no turning back, no shortcuts, can’t say NO at all! Get ready to pump your adrenaline levels once you’re ready to face this exciting adventure.

What’s Water Rafting?

An extreme outdoor activity that uses inflatable raft to travel the water. Rafting involves paddling, strategic ways of balancing, team unity and fearlessness. This activity was famous in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines. 

Cagayan De Oro is situated central coast of Northern Mindanao, roughly 4  hours of travel from Camiguin Island. Since we stayed in Camiguin, we got an afternoon ferry ride from Benoni Port, Camiguin to Balingoan Port, Misamis Oriental.

Benoni Port, Camiguin


Until we reached our destination…

Balingoan Port, Misamis Oriental

So from Balingoan Port, we rode a van going to Cagayan de Oro. It was night time already when we reached the city. We booked a night stay at Paguia Cottages and also arranged a tour package from them. Our package cost 6,600 Php for a group of 5, includes hotel accommodation with breakfast, water rafting activity, photo and video shipping fees. For further details, email at roel.paguia@gmail.com.

It was a nerve-wrecking jeepney ride experience as we headed to the river. Excited yet nervous, can’t explain how I really feel as we’re getting closer to our destination.

cdo - 1

Before the activity starts, local guides briefed us on the basics of rafting. We felt the fear however, it was a fun-filled experience. 

Then we started…

cdo - 7

Panic! Panic! Don’t Panic! As the adventure continues…

Aside from the beautiful nature surrounds the river, our tour guides were the best! Our tour guide threw some punchlines and corny jokes makes our trip worth remembering! 

We fall but we survived! Even though, we’re all burnt and tired. It was a worthy experience. Strangers become friends, friends become best friends! Respect and love was gained more for mother nature. Memories and stories were treasured for the rest of our lives. So if you’re an adventure junkie, pag-white rafting na sa CDO, chada kaayu!

CDO White Water Rafting, checked off to my bucketlist 🙂


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