Should I keep chasing the falls?

Cebu, my hometown was blessed with natural wonders and adventures. There were lots of activities and destination you can choose from. To start, let’s chase the waterfalls.

Samboan, a quiet municipality located at the Southwest part of Cebu. From South Bus Terminal, catch a bus going to Bato-Barili. Once you reached the town, asked help from the locals that will guide you to the municipal hall. Samboan is known for their majestic falls. Here’s the list of attractions you need to visit: Ponong Hidden Lake, Aguinid, Dau, Hidden and Balay’g Sawa Falls.

  • Aguinid Falls – it has a 5 exciting levels. There’s no shortcuts to pass through in every levels which intrigued me till the last falls. 
  • Dau Falls – approximately an hour of trekking going to this magical falls. Its enchanting beauty captivates the heart of the traveler. 
  • Hidden Falls – A three line falls. A marvelous sight to behold.

*Please beware of some habal-habal drivers, they may overprice locals per destination.


This town is truly one the gems of Cebu for its uniqueness and natural resources. As one of the song says, “‘Don’t go chasing waterfalls”. Why not? Instead of chasing someone. 

So for your next adventure, Samboan should be on your list!


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