It’s time to explore the wonders of Northern Cebu. Let’s visit the hidden charm of Bantayan Island!


The island has three municipalities: Santa Fe, Bantayan and Madridejos. Aside from its beautiful white sand beaches, the island was known for its delicacy, the buwad or (dried fish).

How to get there? 


From North Bus Terminal, ride a bus going to Hagnaya Port. Upon arrival, catch a ferry going to Santa Fe, roughly an hour of travel. The resort that we stayed at fetched us at the port. One of my friends shouldered the food and accommodation, fortunately, I wasn’t able to spend much on this trip.  


We booked an overnight stay at Ogtong Cave Resort, so what’s in it? The resort was famous for their name itself. Well, the cave was not that big. What I like was the average coldness and cleanliness of the water, plus, it’s crystal clear.

 2016 - 2 (1)

We visited some of the resorts in Santa Fe. As a mode of transportation, you can rent a motorbike, multi-cab, or tricycle. The island offers bicycle renting so you can roam around the town.

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There‘s a lot of beach resorts to stay in Bantayan. Here are the list of beaches to visit:

  • Sugar Beach 
  • Anika Beach Resort
  • Budyong Beach 
  • Beach Placid
  • Ogtong Cave Resort
  • Kota Beach
  • Paradise Beach

It was a long day of walking on the beach. We spent our night chilling, listening some random songs and a sip of margarita! Kidding, just coffee only 😛

2017 - 19

Our last itinerary for this trip was marveling the beauty of Bantayan Nature Park and Resort. Get in touch with mother nature and appreciate what she offered to us. 

The life in this island is really different from the city. There’s no traffic and no high demands. They were simply living life!

2017 - 8 (1)

2017 - 2 (1) - Copy


2017 - 15

My overall experience in Bantayan Island was super duper fun. The charming island was a bit of refreshing. If you’re looking for tranquility, the serene beauty of this place will definitely captures the heart. Well, go packed your bags now and explore the wonders of Northern Cebu!

Tara, manglakat na kita sa Bantayan!


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