I’ve never thought that travelling was so much fun. It’s more fun if you’re comfortable with someone who you travel with. I had been stressing myself out and that’s why I need a short getaway from the bustling city.

So we headed to Oslob…


Oslob was one of the top destination to visit in Cebu. There were lots of things to do in Oslob. You can swim with the enormous Whale Sharks or Butanding, take a dip in Tumalog Falls, roam around the town and hop to the marvelous island of Sumilon.

What I anticipated most was the enthralling beauty of Sumilon Island, just a few minutes boat ride from the mainland, you’ll witness its majestic beauty.

2017 - 8.jpg

I fell for this island at first glimpse. Wonderstruck, when I finally touched the sand in my toes and tossed myself in the water.

2017 - 4 (2)

2017 - 3 (3)

2017 - 1 (4)

No filters needed for this island. Its mesmerizing beauty, awes you a lot!

After Sumilon’s trip, we had a side trip going to Tumalog Falls.


It was a long day of wandering, my stress levels were relieved and I’m back to face reality again. A fun day trip and a memorable one. 

So if you feel exhausted and need to take a break for a moment, leave the stress behind and enjoy a weekend vacation. Explore the raw beauty of Oslob and be friends with the gentle giants of the sea :))


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