Island hopping adventure? Kalanggaman should be on your list! The island is roughly a two hour boat ride from Malapascua Island, an outlying part of Leyte. Its stretchy sandbar marks the beauty of this place. 

2016 - 5

Luckily, we got a package at the hotel on which the boat was exclusively for us. It might not be a smooth sailing ride but we reached the island safely.

As soon as the boat docked, I immediately tossed my feet in the water. It was breathtakingly beautiful! I lost words to describe how captivating the island is. No doubt it was hailed as the most beautiful island in the Philippines.

2016 - 7

2016 - 4

You will definitely enjoy the pristine blue water, stunning sandbar and white powdery sand. Don’t mind the scorching heat, feel the breeze and the salty smell of the sea.


There’s no resort nor restaurants in the island. So, you have to be packed up with food, water and necessary supplies for your trip. You can rent a tent or hammock to stay overnight in the island.

2016 - 2.jpg


Indeed, it was a remarkable trip. Kalanggaman is truly one of the hidden treasure, now uncovered beauty of the Philippines.  File a leave vacation now and mark this island next on your travel destination.



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