For once take risks, engaged with extreme activities and do canyoning adventures! Honestly, I was once afraid of the idea of risking my life. Few will only have guts to vanquish this activity. Imagine, I don’t know how to swim, even afraid of heights but my friends encouraged me. Thanks to them and the tour guides for being so patient.


Canyoneering or Canyoning, an extreme activity that involves climbing, crawling, jumping, rappelling, trekking and screaming. Screaming was my favorite part! 

Badian, located in the South of Cebu offers the activity for those brave souls whose seeking for thrill and adventure. The activity cost P1,200.00 per pax in a group of 6 that includes lunch and snacks.  The more you are in a group, the cheaper rates you’ll get.

Is the activity safe?  It depends! Actually, the guides are there to assist and keep you safe. In my case, I screamed to death to overcome my fears. 

The start off place was in Alegria, Cebu. 

2016 - 1

2016 - 2 (1)

2016 - 1 (1)

2016 - 4

2016 - 3


It may take 4-5 hours before you reached the final destination back to Badian. I just enjoyed the beautiful scenery while trekking…

The most beautiful part of this adventure, was the nature itself. A raw beauty of the forest, magical falls and crystal clear rivers. The place was strikingly beautiful!

Let your eyes be the camera, the mind as the memory and your mouth will serve as the photo that tells how spectacular and amazing the place is.

If you’re ready to experience the thrill, encourage your friends to try this out. You can book a package at Kawasan Canyoneering for an affordable rate! Come and Enjoy!

In love with Nature :))

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