2017 - 1

Explore the wonders of Cebu, escape to Malapascua Island! One of the alluring islands in Visayan sea, located in Daanbantayan, Cebu. The island was known for its diving spots, white sand beach, and crystal clear water. You can spot a beautiful coral reefs, school of fishes, thresher sharks and manta rays. If you’re a diver, this island is for you!

2017 - 3

How to get there? Catch a bus in North Bus Terminal going to Maya Port in Cebu, approximately 4 hours of travel. At the port, catch a banca going to Malapascua. Surely, you’ll enjoy half an hour of fun and adventure as the waves and the wind playfully teased until you reach the island.


The resorts in the island were just walking distance from the beach. You can enjoy walking down the shore, sighting the beautiful scenery of the sea or catching the magnificent sunrise. 

Best things to do in Malapascua are snorkeling, scuba diving and island hopping.

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We stayed at the Purple Snapper Resort for an affordable stay. The next day we took the package offered by the hotel for Kalanggaman Island Adventure. This trip will always be remembered for this was my first travel in my entire life.

What’s the most highlighted moment we had in Malapascua? It was the supposed sky lantern activity. After numerous attempt to light the lanterns, despite of the windy situation, we failed to do it. I was expecting the same scene from the movie, Tangled. I’m afraid if we lit those lanterns, the whole island will be on fire! 😀

We laughed hard and enjoyed the blissful night…..



 Truly, one of the precious island gem in Cebu. So, go ahead and plan a short getaway, leave your office works for a while and enjoy spending your rest days with nature!  
Laag na ta sa Malapascua na!!!
**Photo Credits to my friends you know who you are 😀

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