Traveler’s List: Best Places to visit in Cebu, Philippines

Summer!! It’s the time to relax and spend a vacation somewhere you could escape for a while. One of the best places to visit during this season is Cebu.

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Why Kalanggaman Island should be on your travel list?

Island hopping adventure? Kalanggaman should be on your list! The island is roughly a two hour boat ride from Malapascua Island, an outlying part of Leyte. Its stretchy sandbar marks the beauty of this place. 

2016 - 5

Luckily, we got a package at the hotel on which the boat was exclusively for us. It might not be a smooth sailing ride but we reached the island safely. Continue reading “Why Kalanggaman Island should be on your travel list?”

Captivating Beauty of Malapascua Island

2017 - 1

Explore the wonders of Cebu, escape to Malapascua Island! One of the alluring islands in Visayan sea, located in Daanbantayan, Cebu. The island was known for its diving spots, white sand beach, and crystal clear water. You can spot a beautiful coral reefs, school of fishes, thresher sharks and manta rays. If you’re a diver, this island is for you!

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